Life Coach, Writer, & Encouragement Speaker

I encourage, I Inspire young women to change the direction of their path for the sake of their future. I believe that you can make it after the pain. I am the ear & the support system for women who struggle with forgiving and moving forward from their past. 

The Purpose

Silence is not the answer to breaking the vicious cycle of drugs, alcohol, risky behavior, or domestic violence. I’m breaking the silence & telling my stories to motivate young women to forgive & move forward from their past. There’s a code of silence that has broken the strength & courage of young women who were just trying to live and be free. Over 60% of women are exposed to sexual abuse and physical violence before the age of 16. Most of them are sworn to secrecy and threaten by their abuser to shut them up. Others are persuaded by family members that by reporting the act of rape and or physical violence that it will destroy their family. If you put 10 women inside of one room, it is more than likely that at least nine have been victims of pedophilia, harassment, and/or sexual assault; or they have a friend, cousin, sister, aunt, mother, or grandmother who has been victimized.

The Past

The past can keep you from building & maintaining a stable life. Because of your past, you maybe holding onto a lot of anger & resentment. I understand that the struggle of forgiving a person(s) and moving forward from the past is real. That’s why I created  My Encouragement Line . To help & support women who have had a rough childhood and or endured a painful incident. Some of us had to make adjustments in our lives after being raise in an unstable home where we could not depend on our parent(s) to provide our basic needs. Like food, water, and shelter.

Learning to Forgive

Growing up in a house hold with a parent that chose drugs and alcohol over responsibility can be very traumatizing. That traumatization can affect the choices that you make. Like choosing the wrong men & hanging out too late at night to hold on to a job to make a decent living. Forgiveness is the key to living a peaceful life. So, why is it so hard for some of us to forgive and move forward. Many women struggle with building & keeping a stable relationship (personal & professional) because of their past.

9 times out of 10, it’s related to a past childhood experience that has changed them forever. 


My true life stories have motivated me to create this website and to create my encouragement program. I grew up in a house with a mother that was addicted to drugs. I had to help raise my younger siblings at the age of 14. It was not easy. Most of my childhood and early adult life was spent looking and trying to fulfill an empty space that I felt. I made a lot of mistakes because of the pain & suffering I endured.