My Life Experience

Experience is a great way to learn

I believe in taking notes on my life and work experience. It allows me to learn from my mistakes and move on to the next level of achievement.

My mother gave birth to me at the age of 26 and was not too sure if she could take care of me. Physically or emotionally. At this time she was already struggling to take care of two kids that were 6 and 7 years old and adding another child to her equation, just did not bring her any comfort.

I was told by my grandmother that she talked my mother into keeping me and she had hoped that me coming into this world would slow her down or stop my mother from snorting cocaine and smoking weed. My grandmother was wrong. The drug and alcohol use continued and increased. When I was 10 my mother invited a couple of friends over to play cards and socialize. I can tell you right now neither of the two happened. The glass table in the living room was filled with cocaine powder and razors.


Most of my childhood and early adult life was spent looking and trying to fulfill an empty space that I felt. I made a lot of mistakes with money and relationships because of this feeling. I almost lost my daughter because of it. One day I woke up after a night of excessive drinking and crashing my Honda Civic into a wall. I had to make a decision. Did I want to live or die? I chose to live.

Take Note & Move Forward,

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My Experience
My Experience



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