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This is for anyone who would like to remain anonymous but needs information about forgiveness & healing. Believe me when I say "I know how you feel and it's not easy to talk about rape, pedophilia, harassment, assault and or domestic violence"

Same & guilt are two of the top five reasons why women choose to remain silent after being violated or attacked by a family member, stranger, or a spouse. It’s hard. 

No registration or subscription to my mailing list is required. Just follow the following guidelines listed below.

  1. Do not text or email any spam or nude photos to me (I will block your number & email address immediately.
  2. Only two question per person. 
  3. Keep it real & keep it classy. This line is not for entertainment, insults, or booty calls.

This Service is not intended or recommended to replace a Licensed Psychologist or a Priest.

Who am I?

I am the ear & the support system for women who struggle with forgiving and moving forward from their past. 

3 years of psychology and my personal experiences have allowed me to gain the knowledge needed to help others heal, forgive, & move forward.

Take Note & Move Forward,

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