Rolling In The Dirt

Rolling In The Dirt

On the way back from the swings, we decided that it would be cool if we raced each other back to my house, and since I was known for being a fast runner there was no way that I was losing that race. I ran hard and fast. But, when we finally made it to the exit we had to stop to see if there were any cars coming and there were quite a few that were speeding by while we waited. As soon as the road cleared up, I decided to take a chance and run across the street.


The next thing I knew I was rolling on the ground in my backyard, covered with dirt. A white car that was going 45 miles per hour in a residential area had hit me from behind. I didn’t realize that I got hit until my mom picked me up off the ground and started checking to see if I was breathing. My biggest concern was if I would ever run again because I couldn’t feel anything.

Am I Dead

Shortly after my mom picked me up the ambulance arrived and placed me on a stretcher. I begin to feel a cold sensation all throughout my body. I wasn’t sure what it was but when they got me inside of the ambulance, they started checking my vitals and made sure that I was fully aware of what was going on.

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