Break The Code of Silence

Break The Code of Silence

For only $12 USD a month you can have full access to my Break The Code of Silence Discussion Group via Facebook. This is a private chat group for women who are in need of support and would like to share their story about being a victim of pedophilia, rape, abuse, domestic violence, or risky behavior (sex trafficking, unprotected sex with multiple partners, & very little guidance from childhood. This is a private group. Everything you type and discuss in this group will be kept within this group & kept as confidential information.

This is for young women who are in need of a listening ear & a solid support system that can relate to their pain. 

Break The Code of Silence


Therapy vs Coaching

Therapy sessions are very helpful & sometimes speaking with a Pastor or Priest will bring you some kind of comfort. But, there are times when you need a one on one session with a person that can relate to your pain to help you come out of that dark tunnel. That person is me.

The type of service that you are in need of depends on the how your trauma affected you. Some women develop a mental illness after being abused. They become disabled by their illness. In this case, I would recommend a licensed therapist.

If you’re feeling stuck and you have no one to talk to, one on one coaching and or community interaction are the perfect tools to get you on the right path. Some women need and are able to navigate between my coaching services and therapy without causing any harm or setbacks to themselves. Either way, I’m here for you.

I teach women how to change the direction of their path for the sake of their future. I can help you get past your pain & anger. I provide the tools & materials to help women recognize what’s going on with them & why their past is affecting their present & future life.

Moving Forward

Shame and guilt are two of the top five reasons why women choose to remain silent after being violated or attacked by someone they know or a complete stranger. You can choose to hold on to the anger, the resentment, and the thoughts of revenge or you can make a choice to embrace forgiveness and move forward. With my experience and a community that stands together, you can make it, “after the pain”.

Break The Code of Silence

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 This Service is not intended or recommended to replace a Licensed Psychologist or a Priest.
Take Note & Move Forward,

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Breaking The Code of Silence
Breaking The Code of Silence